Sunday, August 21, 2005

Someone stole a kiss from me. I guess he wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to rob me on/of Saturday. Hmmmmmmmmmm...... It was the best date I ever had. What have I learnt? It costs 90 cents to take a bus if you didn't bring your ezlink card (was late and left it to grow mould in the general office) and you can't prove that you're a student (don't I look like a student???). You can get robbed in the middle of a movie. You will die if you're playing pool for the first time and you know nothing about it. But it's amusing to see someone explain his little ideas and how you need a bit of Physics theories to play. I thought it was very cute. On the way back from Woodlands to Ang Mo Kio, there's that little bit of awe-inspiring scenery of the perfect synchronization of sky and water that one could easily miss just like that. I don't really know what I'm doing. I never expected anything like this to happen. I think you're really really sweet to me. Thank you. I also think you like me more than I like you. In the first place, I still can't believe that you like me. But things will change. I think I need a bit more time. Anyway things are going astonishingly and amazingly well. You know how pessimistic I am. :P Hah. Let's just go slow and take things one step at a time.

I have a theory about love. Love is a sudden conscious or unconscious decision and inclination to be responsible for the welfare and well-being of someone else. You take up this additional duty to look after and care for that person without being told to. In fact, you want to. You're very willing. In fact, it makes you extremely delighted to do so. Everything that you do, your actions, your words, your life, is planned with that person in mind to cause that person the least inconvenience and the least unhappiness and the most pleasure. That person's joy is your business, and so is that person's every other emotion, no matter how tiny and insignificant it is.

Why on earth would anybody want to take up such an extra burden?

You tell me.


Anonymous said...

I like the way you define love. But whether it lasts is another totally unrelated issue...

"Why on earth would anybody want to take up such an extra burden?" Because it feels good to love (I know I'm disobeying laws of the language by beginning a sentence immediately with the word 'because' but I don't care).


Anonymous said...

'Why on earth would anybody want to take up such an extra burden?'

Seeing u smile makes me happy, very happy. -.-

P.S Dun rob me in sch k?

-God is Great-

mometasone said...

Because the burden might just be anything but that with the right perspective.

Anonymous said...

Someone is love! Tehehe :p



SirWhale said...

Actually, you take up this burden only because of its pleasurable aspect(s). Your own self-interest in, perhaps, making yourself feel good (oxytocin, etc) conveniently leads you to adopt such courses of action which people might interpret as "loving another".

Love only comes from true understanding. For more information look for yourself.

siti* said...

burden? it's not a burden if one takes pleasure in doing what one wants to do for another.

ur theory is scarily true.

vk (: said...

ahhh i feel shallow for commenting about this after reading other ppl's tags but well im still gonna write it (:

Someone stole a kiss from me. I guess he wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to rob me on/of Saturday.

i thought this was really really sweeeet* (: hah. all the best to you two!!

Anonymous said...

sirwhale is lamer & crazy nut case....
why do u sound like u're so against this thing?
are u jealous?