Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pictures taken during the 24 hours Sentosa Mural Painting Competition:
(Click on image to enlarge.)

Shi Wei and I drawing the outlines. Haha... Really ugly-- no no really artistic outlines. Definitely helped that all of us were failures when it came to Math, so the proportions and grids were seriously screwed up.

Shi Wei with her grapes, Wei Lian with her petal and I with my Van Gogh's sky, painting. I think by then most of the groups had already completed at least half of their murals! -_-"

When the rain and the night falls...

Ta da~! The proud end product!!!

*Pictures courtesy of Wei Lian. :)


Miao said...

The end product is quite pretty what :)

vk (: said...

the strawberries look so good i feel like grabbing them out of the picture & gobble them all up x)

very pretty,
i like your Van Gogh (??) sky (:
( words of an Art-Idiot haha )

Faith said...