Friday, February 17, 2006

Some things that's been crossing my mind randomly:

Sometimes we try so hard to chase after something that doesn't exist.

Along the way, we seem to have lost everything that did exist.

Some things you let go because you assume it'll always be there. Maybe they misled you so they could be let go.

Whatever you take for granted, you will always lose.

When you go to great lengths and put in effort for something, you will always raise up high hopes for yourself.

You will succeed moderately but you will never reach those high hopes. They were there for a sad little provocative tease.

No two people will ever be on the same level of mentality and maturity.

One of them gave way or one of them compromised to the point where it became completely natural and effortless- as though they were equal halves of a complete circle.

You will always think for yourself first.

And because of this, you will always think for those you deeply love first.

You will always lie.

Your biggest achievement will be to one day realize you have not told a single lie the whole day (and that's only because you've told too many lies too effortlessly that you've lied even to yourself).

You will always hate yourself or something about yourself.

But you will also always secretly want to love yourself entirely.

You might feel unworthy to be loved.

You will always secretly pray to be swept off your feet.

You wish somebody could understand you.

But you don't know that this will never be possible because you can't even understand yourself.

You will always long to love somebody, and for somebody to love you.

You will always feel lonely because you've been waiting deliberately for it instead of letting it chance upon you mysteriously.

You will always do things on impulse without knowing the reasons why.

You will always know the reasons why subconsciously.

There is no such thing as living in the moment.

Such a moment usually overwhelms you with so many reflections that it is impossible to enjoy the moment as it is on it's own.

Every time you hesitate, something slips away.

Every time you are emotional, you are your strongest and your weakest.


estelwen said...

Every time you are emotional, you are your strongest and your weakest.

hmm... really? i feel that everytime when i'm the most emtional, i'm my weakest only... haha.. am i making sense?
i guess it's like when u're emotional, u lose ur ability to rationalise, and do things on impulse cus everything will be based on ur feelings & everything will be based on what u see at the surface. u will be at ur weakest because it is at this point of time where u're most vulnerable, most easily made use by people cus ur emotions can be manipulated, it is when at the point where u're most emotional that u show all of ur weaknesses to the people outside...
so being emotional sucks...hohoho... i've digressed didn't i?
take care

Paparazzi said...

hmmmm this post is quite true...

Anonymous said...

i agree that everytime when i'm emotional, i'm at my strongest and my weakness. strong cox i'll be able to understand wad feelings others might have. i'll be able to exp more. and i'll be able to express my deepest passion.

Faith said...

exactly. :)