Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wrote this when I had insomnia- it's not just about the inability to fall asleep. If it was, it wouldn't be called insomnia. It's about the constant visitations and revisitations to memories, engulfed by the guilts and regrets of the past, swarmed with questions of "what if"s and "should have"s and "shouldn't have"s and "if only"s, overwhelmed with the fear of the ambiguous future, and entrapped within the weariness and monotony of the present, and all you can do is stare into the never-ending darkness, just thinking.

Title: The Song of Silence

Can you hear the sheerness of soft sighs?
There is no other sound like this.
So sad and so susceptible,
As if the earth quietly breathes.
As if all of your thoughts have ceased.
As if it is a part of you you refuse to confess.
As if your ears are listening to
Invisible bubbles bouncing and bursting.
Or the flight of a thousand white seraphs’ dreams,
And the rushes of winds brushing through their feathered wings,
As they spin and shun the scorns that souls dint.
A suddenness of an interlude will then spring,
Of blue bloodied bodies of broken melodies,
Where in this hushed hum, the world slumps,
Hypnotized by the song Stillness sadly sings.
And you are the only one all alone,
Unscathed by the strews of symphonies;
By the whispers of spellbinders to sleep.
And you are the only one all alone,
Too awake at the wrong hour
Hearing your heart beat
Your mind scream
Your eyes burn
As black shadows stain beneath;
As your skin shivers
As your lips tremble
As your fingers itch
As your feet roam the same places
And make you dance in desolation
With snatches of spiraling sorrows
And stretches of somber seclusions
And smudges of superciliousness
And streaks of Insomnia’s stagnations
And you sprawl on the cold hard floor and exhaustion seeps
And scrawls of salvation are shut in your head’s streams
And everything gives way and you lose all sense of self-esteem
All in a song of utter hopelessness
Called “Silence”
As you weep.

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Miao said...

So sad and so susceptible,
As if the earth quietly breathes.

I like this :)