Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hojo Ujimasai 1538-1590

Autumn wind of eve,
blow away the clouds that mass
over the moon's pure light
and the mists that cloud our mind,
do thou sweep away as well.
Now we disappear,
well, what must we think of it?
From the sky we came.
Now we may go back again.
That's at least one point of view.

Hmmm... heard from Marcus that his friend, who was in NYJC during the first 3 months of last year, commited suicide.

Yet it is possible for humans to die while still alive, while still fully conscious and aware of the world and of circumstances, and in complete composure of their soul.

Which is worse?

To cry for the one who has died, or to cry for yourself- a living dead, or perhaps for them all, all who have died the same way- the alive and the dead, all equally dead.


Miao said...

To cry for yourself is to acknowledge the reality.

debx* said...

hi miao, what reality?

LIFE is called LIFE for a reason- because you're ALIVE. yes, you may LIVE like you're dead, but unlike the dead you have a CHOICE to LIVE. i'd like to see the dead having that choice. its a privellege, and the real reality not all of us are dead while alive. its your choice whether you want to live or die. which is worse is if you choose death over life (whether death while alive or eternal death).

please don't talk as if real life doesn't exist and we're all a sorry bunch of living dead? we're still alive for a reason, and i'm sure its not to slide the coffin lid over our head for ourselves by living as though we're dead. life can be so much more, and how much more is up to you. and you know what's the irony? you can't choose death, we all die in the end. so better live (really) while we can, right?

Miao said...

Oh well. I'm just a pessimist ^^ Ignore me.