Sunday, March 19, 2006

If you wanna be my friend
You want us to get along
Please do not expect me to
Wrap it up and keep it there
The observation I am doing could
Easily be understood
As cynical demeanour
But one of us misread...
And what do you know
It happened again

A friend is not a means
You utilize to get somewhere
Somehow I didn't notice
friendship is an end
What do you know
It happened again

How come no one told me
All throughout history
The loneliest people
Were the ones who always spoke the truth
The ones who made a difference
By withstanding the indifference
I guess it's up to me now
Should I take that risk or just smile?

What do you know
It happened again
What do you know

-Misread by the Kings of Convenience

Oh I do do love this song so much. It has this wonderful easy breezy tune of snazzy jazz about it that just picks you up in a whirlwind and lets you loose into your own delicate fantasy with the most comfortable of voices unleashed like a calm slouching lazy shadow... and what do you know? :)

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