Sunday, March 12, 2006

La Vie, 1903 (Click on image to enlarge)

"The sadness these figures express comes from a sense of alienation between individuals who, even when they're seated side by side in a cafe, cannot connect with one another. Notice how the people in the Blue-Period paintings hold their arms so closely to their sides: They are emotionally and physically straight-jacketed, unable to participate fully in life."

Taken from Pablo Picasso by Ingrid Schaffner

Hmmmm... It engulfs you. Chilly colours, bloodless flesh, stony expressions, frozen gestures: Every inch drenched in sadness. There is no hope in love, only solitude and futility. There is an intangibly distinct emotional intensity of communcations in paintings, that I can never seem to explain perfectly. Perhaps that is the art which mirrors life, and that is why once you are in it, you can never get out. It's an addiction.

Art, is an addiction. :)

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