Sunday, April 09, 2006

Every single time you cut yourself, it feels as though you cut me too. It feels as though I've been cut by you. It feels as though you've been cut by me. It feels as though I am somehow responsible for you being cut. It feels as though we are connected in a very strange way. There are too many emotions at hand and somehow when I try to speak, something gets lost in the way amidst "I care for you" and "I want to help you". Something important and urgent that I want to tell you gets lost in the sea of words I stammer out through my teeth with my tongue stuck on the roof my mouth and so you will never get it. You will never understand, that your silence is so much more hurtful than your words. Because at least we talk. At least we can work something out. Perhaps its the other way round. Perhaps it is I who will never understand.

Please be okay.

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