Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I want to live
I want to die
I want to give
I want to take
I want to smile
I want to weep
I want to help
I want to fall
I want to love
I want to hate
I want to learn
I want to teach
I want to lose
I want to win
I want to belong
I want to leave
I want to talk
I want to scream
I want to heal
I want to break
I want to think
I want to feel
I want to live

And breathe that tough burst of explosive air
Gasp like its the last time to take that final leap
Myself gliding with wings like never before seen
In skies so blue it seems the oceans arose to tear
The skin of discolored plea in eyes that could not keep
The colours from seeping the thoughts trickling without sync

That dash that run that never stops that cannot stop that knows no boundaries that knows no limits no alarming pain no gripping fear no disjointed memories no impulsive danger no wavering risk that pulls back the shoulders that wrestles away the shock of shudders because no one no obstacles no regrets no flaws nothing in this world can stop the words the truth the belief the strength to survive the unconquerable hope from falling from spilling never tumbling not accidentally no out of trembling anxious lips:

I want to live
I want to believe
I want to keep on moving
I want to be
I can be


qt said...


siti* said...


how is it that u can always manage to write what most people can only subconciously feel and think?

anyway, just keep on doing wadever u've been doing.. fantastic job :D

Faith said...

haha... thanks! >____<

Anonymous said...

What's so amazing?