Monday, April 03, 2006

Its a love affair.

I adore the rain and the sorrow it weeps. I adore how it washes over everything, every road and every street, every building and every human being, so completely and so thoroughly. I adore that it sweeps away all the soot and dust and all the secret feelings of mysterious beings into the drowning pitter patter. I adore how it reaches into every crack and nook and seeps the blackness of grime away. I adore how it wets my skin with brushes of little droplets that feels like the breath of a baby. I adore how it paints the world in surreal watercolours of blue and grey.

I adore the sound of it slashing against the window panes while I am on the bus in sequences of sparkling strokes that slants and shines, blurring the world because really, the world ought to be blurred. Sometimes its too hard and too hot and too rigid and the colours are too harsh that it burns but the rain makes every corner and every cut slippery and soft and soothes it.

I adore how it lines my clothes to my skin like a second layer of skin and I adore how it drips through my already wet hair and slides down the side of my cheek. I adore the circles of ripples it makes on the ground I walk on. They look like little dents on the surface of the full moon. I adore how it seems to whisper "slow down, slow down" and people walk faster than ever. I adore the sense of adventure it gives me.

I know I want to be drenched in it. I know it will somehow accept me. How do I explain this? I adore that it will accept anybody yearning to be in its hungry presence. I adore that it will except a girl who walks slowly with a dejected hunch and a despairing shadow and a tired face and a worn-out heart and a mind that thinks too much it strains. I adore the knowledge that it will distract me and somehow consume me. I adore how it surrounds me and marks me as one of its own, with specks of glittery dots that dances on the surface of my clothes and bounces on the tips of my shoes with tiny taps so teasing.

And when the rain ends, I adore the remnants of diamonds that shimmers on every leaf. I adore the delicious scent of poweful fresh air that burts and fuses right into the atmosphere like the bloom of an exuberant bright sunflower. I adore that leisure that accompanies a new beginning, with everything baptised and redeemed from dark dirts and dark feelings, all anger having been expounded and eradicated in the energetic clap of thunder; raw and new like a second chance in an elaborate dream of starts just waiting to be seen.

I adore the trance of romanticism and tragedy that it induces. I adore how it leaks in trails of water puddles some sighs of solitude and that strange sensation of fascination that someone's heart must have been broken.

I hope it rains more these days. I adore the rain. I adore the fact that it lets me daydream and lets me fall asleep. I think its very enchanting. I think it somehow adores me too.

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ur lover said...

faith i'm going to harass u until u tell me. wad's ironic??? wad wad wad? lol