Monday, April 17, 2006

Quiet soul keep quiet your lips keep quiet now
Your mind too much thinking does all the talking
Does all the reckoning the playback reasoning
Its the last time when you speak.
Its the last time you know.
The sinister strip tarnishes all faults less meaning.

When did this happen? How did it begin? Question.
The birth of burns that knows not from where it came.
The start of a snap that splits the whole thing apart.
Someone plucked your sight away.
Someone pushed a button.
Someone or something plunged sinking while you were sleeping.

Shivering on scarcely discernible vessels
Lay to rest foggy feelings all scenarios
Behind shadows listening to some smashed radio
It all ends here when you speak.
It all ends here you know.
Dont have to speak a word for some delirious ending.

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