Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sometimes the person we would most like to be, is the person we are most afraid to become.

Some things are not meant to be fought against; not meant for a struggle to take place.

Some things are meant for you to drown into and to suffocate into; to crave with such desperation to fall sinking deeper into.

When did enough stop becoming enough?

Words gets lost
And my heart
my heart is the only part of me
that still tells the truth
but never sees the light of day.

Tuesdays are lovely.

To draw parallels in a complete opposite.

To talk about things that most imprisons you, that you would most like to say but just couldn't.

So I said, "If you are afraid, you have to stop now. Give up somehow. Forget."

"But wouldn't it hurt?"

"It wouldn't hurt as much as it would hurt later if you choose to continue."

I'm not too sure about that now.

Not too sure if it is truly possible to stop once you've started when you don't even know how you even started to begin with.

Who lays the crumbs of food to tempt you?


To linger upon a stranger's name.

Not too sure if there is such a thing as a lessening or increasing of pain because when it hurts it seems to feel the same no matter what.

Yet everything will come to pass.

And you realize that they always watch in silence yet are filled with the most words to say. Their eyes are always observing, always hoping against hope, always thinking of the same words that means nothing to the world but everything to them, and the same secret moments and the same secret faces, afraid to be caught in the act of it all; afraid that others will know what they are capable or foolish enough to be thinking and laugh at the audacity of it all.

If anything, human beings are illogical.

You will find yourself drawn to the very thing you are pulling yourself away from.

"Turn away to say goodbye with each and every word
That passes by like a distant memory.
Cause time keeps slipping away,
And time will turn to grey,
And time will be the one who holds you down.

And words that seem so hard to say,
Come out when you've gone away.
Just stay awhile and hear me say

And I want you here tonight,
And I need you by my side
For just one more moment,
For just one more moment with you.

And I want you here tonight,
And I need you by my side
For just one more moment,
For just one more moment with you.

Sometimes time will treat you bad,
Before you even know what's wrong,
And in the end it hits you hard,
Please tell me you'll be strong."

-One More Moment by Ronin


Miao said...

When I saw the name Ronin the first person who came to mind was Rodin. And I thought, "Since when was Rodin a lyricist?!" Heh >.<

Anyway typing out poems on your handphone is a bad habit when you don't remember to write them down somewhere. Most of the things I wrote on my handphone have been unintentionally deleted because I clear my folders quite frequently, and most of the time I cleared them before realising that I had yet to write them down >.<

Sylvia said...

boohoo. I LOVE FAITH.
I love your entries.
and thanks (: