Monday, July 24, 2006

So this is what we will all become.
My mascara can't tell the difference
Between black lashes and back lashes,
My lip gloss turns my lips cold to a kiss.
You see the blush of a blusher
Puff the pink circles on your cheeks,
And then welcome, welcome,
You appear to fit right in, too in,
Into this crazy zoo we're screaming in.
And you don't have to talk, talk, talk,
Since nothing sensible gets said anyway.
Tell me, what good is getting underneath,
When all we want to see is hairless skin?
We need to pretend to fit in,
Into the reflection of a rainbow
With our psychedelic dreams,
And write without any reader
The mumbo jumbo with wires
To prove we can prove nothing.
This is not nonsense, no.
We're falling (falling isn't nonsense, no)
Inside what is so thin and shallow,
That its explanation turns profound.
We pretend to touch each other,

(male to male,
female to female,
male to female, female to male...
We are all animals, what does it matter?)
But it's no longer enough to tear
Each other's clothes off anymore.
We need to tear away the flesh,
Break the bones,
See the blood flow,
Rip the soul,

pure and whole,
Out of its prison cell,
And before it flies away,
Beg for it to stay,

(please stay),
And cry together with it,
Until someone stops
To take pity on us both.


Prick said...

If these words are yours, I must say, they are quite prodigious.

Faith said...

You're sweet! And wow, it's been a long time since I heard from you!

Prick said...

Sweet? You have yet to taste me, Faith.

Faith said...

Tehe... Well your words were sufficiently sweet.