Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One day,
when the stars fall, a tiny one will slip into your open mouth. You will shine, from within, and radiate silently. No one will see it of course. Naturally beautiful. Perfectly imperfect. Alive and... Well, alive and well.

One day,
a song will sing your name. A song for you, just for you, in your name alone. No one will know of course. Secretly pleased. A sugary sweet delight.

One day,
you will be dreamt of by a dreamer who wants everything you want. You will never know of course. Vaguely romantic. Mysterious.

One day, you will... One day, you will... One day, one hour, one minute, one second, one moment, one... Of course, one... One is enough. The words, ugly, beautiful, don't matter this time round. One. The magical number one.

And let us live for that alone.

How many of those are there out there? Those shooting stars. One, one, one, here and there, there... Sparks that make you feel and come alive. I don't know.

I think they whisper that their names are all, Hope.

If sadness makes people want to die, let happiness (even a glimpse of it) be the risk worth living for.

What are you living for?

Sleep, don't weep,
my sweet love.
Your face, it's all wet,
and your day was rough.
Do do what you must do
to find yourself.
Wear another's shoe,
Or paint my shelves.
There's times that I was broke,
and you stood strong.
I think I found a place
where I...

-Sleep Don't Weep by Damien Rice.


Anonymous said...

Did you write the first few lines yourself? I feel like borrowing/stealing it somewhat...

Faith said...

I did. Ahaha... Steal it and show me. I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

Some deep stuff. You write so well I feel honoured to vaguely know you.

Anonymous said...

"Steal it and show me. I'm curious."

Well, I have to tell you it's going to be buried under more than 70,000 words, so that might be a little tricky. I just thought it's something one of the characters could say and mean it very well. Still, I'd show it to you once I get to that scene. Hehe.

SirWhale said...

Maybe it should be the other way round: fall into the cosmos and be engulfed in nebulae. Maybe that's when we would start feeling happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith,
wow! I love what you had written. =) It's so beautiful! I got your link from your friendster through rebecca. Was attracted to your photos. The 1st few pics are really cool! You took it yourself?Keep it up ok? Cos I will put you in my favourites.