Friday, February 02, 2007

I was tired of my skin.

Don't take things so literally.

People change.


estelwen said...

nice skin! i'm becoming retarded. muahaha. e sun will shine again! XD

siti* said...

i really reallly like the piece by Max Ehrmann. oh so true.

on a random note i found out what the second part of my name (ie Aisyah) means: to live happily. hahah.

take care now! (:

Faith said...


Be retarded! I like! Haha. Yes the sun shines again! Whooohoooo~


Haha... Yea I like it too! Was deciding between it and another piece by Mother Theresa you once smsed to me? "Love anyway..."

I believe you will live happily. Truly. Grins. :)

Miao said...

Nice to see 'Desiderata'. I have a poster on my bedroom wall with its words printed on it.

Miao said...

And nice skin, by the way.

Jingoistic said...

I liked the old skin :(

But the new one ain't bad :)

Mu Tai Dong said...

我是疯狂的! 这是您的诗! 我翻译了它为您! 由于您的汉语和英语不是非常好的!
I am crazy! This is your poem! I have translated it for you! Because your Chinese and English are not extremely good!
安详地去在噪声和匆碌之中, 和记住什么和平那里也许是在沈默。没有投降尽可能的处于好关系与所有人。安静地和清楚地讲您的真相; 并且倾听其他人, 愚钝和甚而无知; 他们太有他们的故事。避免大声并且进取的人, 他们是vexations 对精神。如果您与其他人比较, 您可以变得自负和苦涩; 为总有将是伟大和少许人比你自己。享受您的成就并且您的计划。保持对您自己的事业感兴趣, 谦逊; 这是真正的财产在时间改变的时运。锻炼小心在您的企业事务; 为世界是充分的欺骗。但让这不瞎您对什么贤良那里是; 许多人力争高理想; 并且生活到处是充分的英雄主义
是你自己。特别是, 不要佯装喜爱。两者都不是玩事不恭的关于爱; 为在所有干旱和disenchantment 面前它象草
作为好心是一样四季不断的岁月的律师, 优美地投降青年时期事。哺育精神力量保护您在突然的不幸。但不要困厄自己与黑暗的imaginings 。许多恐惧是出生疲劳和寂寞。在一个卫生学科之外, 比树和星是柔和的与你自己
您是宇宙的孩子, 没有较少; 您有权利在这里。并且是否它是清楚的对您, 疑义宇宙不是未展开如同它应该
是所以在和平与上帝, 什么您设想他是, 并且什么您的劳方和志向, 在生活保留和平喧闹的混乱以您的灵魂
以所有它的假货、苦工, 和打破的梦想, 它是仍然一个美丽的世界。是快乐的。努力愉快。

Serenely goes in the noise and hasty in, perhaps with remembers any peace there is in is silent. The surrender as far as possible has not been in the relations and all people. Peacefully and clearly speaks your truth; And listens attentively to other people, dull-witted and is even ignorant; They too have their story. Avoids loud and the enterprising person, they are vexations to the spirit. If you if the other people comparison, you may change are proud with are bitter and astringent; For always will have will be is great and the little person compares you. Enjoys your achievement and your plan. The maintenance is interested to you enterprise, humble; This is the true property in the time change fortune. Exercises is careful in yours business affair; For the world is the full deceit. But lets this not be blind you to any virtuous there is; Many people argue vigorously the high ideal; And lives everywhere is the full heroism
is you. Specially, do not have to feign the affection. Two all is not plays the matter to be disrespectful about the love; For in all arid it looks like the grass with disenchantment in front of
to take the good intention is same four seasons unceasing year attorney, exquisitely surrenders the youth time matter. The nurture spiritual strength protects you in the sudden misfortune. But does not want distress and dark imaginings. Many fears are the birth weary and are lonely. Outside a hygienic discipline, compared to the tree and the star is gentle and you
you is the universe child, are not less; You have the right in here. And whether it is clear to you, the doubt universe is not has not launched is similar to it to be supposed
to be therefore in peace and God, any you conceives him is, and any your labor and the ambition, make noise in the life retention peace chaotic by possesses its counterfeit goods, the hard labor by yours soul
, with dream which breaks, it was still a beautiful world. Is joyful. Diligently happy.