Monday, April 30, 2007

I miss my friends. :(

Working has given me a brand new perspective on life and I truly appreciate it. I really do get to see people from all walks of life and it has greatly enhanced my awareness of what kind of person I am, what kind of person I want to be, and more importantly, what kind of person I do not want to be.

There are the cocky arrogant jerks who walk around as if they own the world. They puff their chests out, stick their heads up in the clouds, and surround themselves with a false air of power and authority. There are the slackers who are truly nice people. They do their job satisfactorily but never want to step out of their comfort zones to go the extra mile. There are the vain pretty little things who flirt around and put on extra layers of make-up during breaks. There are the hard workers who don't care about anything or anybody. They're just here to do their jobs and get the money. They don't want to make friends or socialise. There are the lazy ones who do just a little bit of work but complain like nobody's business. They're also very good at sucking up and pretending to be busy when the big boss is around. There are the green newbies, scared of everything and easy to bully. There are the shy, down-to-earth, easy going people who blend in with the shadows and do what they are told. There are the loud, bubbly, extroverted, popular people.

Actually, it sounds a lot like the mix I found in JC. HAHA.

Arh I fell down a flight of stairs earlier on and sprained my finger. Having trouble typing...

I meet really crazy people in the tourism industry. The American guy who said I had a "really sexy voice" when I was actually having a sore throat. The Indian woman who asked me if she was looking at a dinosaur when I pointed at the Indian Rhino. The guys from England who looked me up and down and exclaimed, "You are very tiny!"

To which I quickly replied, "Yes I am! But how big do you want your tour guide to be anyway?" Hahaa.

The Australian guy who asked me to talk about australian bees the next time I was giving a tram commentary. Night Safari where got australian bees??! The pretty girl from London who gave me a whole bag of sweets. The pretty girl from Hong Kong who gave me her name card and asked me out for coffee. WAHAHA. I can turn lesbian! Oh oohhhh and the family from Sri Lanka who praised me for being "the most sweet and pretty chinese we have ever seen". TEHEHEHE. Was totally over the moon and flew into outer space. Granted, they were mostly likely just being really nice. But. Still. :p

The little things keep me going. Like going out with friends, getting praises from the tourists, or getting love declarations from my kids who scream, "Miss Faith!!!! Got boyfriend not??? If don't have, you go out with me can??"

To which I will nod and say, "Can! You wait until you hit puberty first? Later I kana charge by police how".

They will just stare back at me blankly and ask innocently, "What is puberty?"

Haha. Cute monkeys.

I'm making a lot of friends too. Seems like everyone loves to tease me or call me 'Xiao Mei Mei'. Eh, they obviously have not met Sylvia! They'll make little jokes like, "You 12 years old can go uni already arh?" or "Wahh so young must come out and work, so poor thing". It can get quite annoying but it can be pretty fun as well.

Sometimes I surprise myself too. When that happens, the day seems so much brighter than before. Like being able to get the kids to keep quiet and pick up the toys on the floor when most of the time they just ignore me, or start dancing to my voice as if they really enjoy the melodious sound of my scoldings. Monkeys. Like making witty remarks about my colleagues when I am being bullied and making them laugh at themselves instead. Usually I just let it pass because I'm not the sort to kick up a big fuss over the simplest things. But, I must say, it feels damn good to stand up for yourself and yet not lose your job in the process because you don't offend anyone. Like eating alone and not feeling awkward or lonely. When did that happen?

I've learned to make changes to my personality and I'm feeling very good about myself these days, despite the initial moments of stress, bouts of depression, discouragement, and utter exhaustion. I am still very very tired. I know I am running away from something but I am still trying to find the courage to find out what exactly it is. I run on a very tight schedule and routine and losing even a second could destroy my whole entire day. But I've learned to be a hell lot more optimistic, cheerful, confident and independent. Everyone loves someone who is cheerful and positive. Well, not tooo cheerful to the extent that it pisses you off and makes you feel like wiping those smiles off their stupid faces. But cheerful enough, especially in difficult times of adversity. The importance of shutting up and moving on.

And maybe if I smile long enough, I'll finally find a reason to truly smile beautifully. :)

And there's a danger in loving somebody too much,
and it's sad when you know it's your heart you can't trust.
There's a reason why people don't stay who they are.
Baby, sometimes, love just ain't enough.

(Hehe the original music video is amusing.)


lost said...

Wah, EVEN little boys WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU!!! ownage sia.. lolx.. ya, this job suits you well girl! hmm, was wondering which kind of friend am i to you... the kind who lives behind shadows, or the one who is loud and popular (eh, i dun think i am popular. Just loud) anyway, ya... interesting experiences!

p.s: btw, i meet a pretty female doc during my Medicine interview! haha.. Just a passing remark..

Sylvia said...

yay we got the same nickname LOL xDD
hello i still miss you leh >_< despite having met up last last week.

jy said...

Nearly fell off my chair in amusement when I came to the part about the kids. And I remember from OSLE days how I learnt about the power of appreciation when I read about what the visitors said about you.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'd like to find out who you are :) My name is Micheal, 47-male-Guangzhou

Jingo said...

Sounds like a really interesting job. And to think I'll be working in McDonalds this summer...