Thursday, June 07, 2007

Moving On

“Next stop, City Hall Interchange”
says the recorded articulation of my thoughts
as yet again, we travel on one of our outings.
Full of fun, we always agree:
so nice to meet up after a
whole year of stress and work
and time-occupying activity.
Too much, perhaps, and too long
or maybe just too late,
we sit and wait,
for words as if for loose change;
foraging for that term of affection, stuck
like the MRT card in my jeans.
We avoid conversation like those
Sanyo pamphlets or Bone Marrow
raffle ticket sellers – No
thank you, I bought just now already.

Just now seems so far away
as tears we don’t have time to cry calcify in the gullet,
as you go West and I go East and
our island doesn’t seem so small anymore.

-Aaron Shahril Yusoff Maniam.

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