Thursday, November 29, 2007

The greatest gift of love I give,
the biggest sacrifice I make,
I make without apparent sacrifice- Time.
My time.
My mind, my corporeal body,
my attention, my silences and my words.
Even if it is just for a second,
I give myself to you.
I become yours.

Time, time, time.
All around you.
Given and taken,
stolen and returned,
without any conscious realization.
No questions asked.
Vows and promises are made to others
yet they are kept unaware of it.
Names are uttered in dreams
and passing conversations
yet they know nothing about it.
Someone somewhere thought of you
and wished you well,
yet you will never know about it.

Always so eager to prove ourselves,
to show off our talents and intelligence.
We are better and stronger than anybody else.
We have more value than anybody else.
We deserve more... Don't we?
Always hungry for love, for friendship,
for acceptance, affection and approval.
More, more, more.
It is no longer enough
for tiny gestures of love
to spring into the air
and vanish without a trace, like magic.
We will not allow it.
Love has to be made tangible and precise.
It must be put directly in front of us,
like food on a plate for us to taste.
It has to be expressed so clearly
that there can be no mistake whatsoever.

Yes, yes, now I know that you love me.
I have proof.
I have pinned down the wings of a butterfly
(not to hurt it, can't you see,
but to retain it's beauty forever).
I can see it and touch it.
You love me.
You love me unconditionally.
For the bible tells me so.
In black and white. And blood red.
But tell me again, how do I know?
What more do I want?
Why don't I know?

We know that the best things in life,
come without a price.
We know this for too long a time
that we ignore or forget it.
Why remember something so foolish?
Nothing comes for free.
I will not be tricked.
I will pay for everything I get,
every kiss on my cheek
and every word of flattery.
I will owe the world nothing.

Brush it off your shoulders like dust
and let it slip away.
Let it become a noise in the background.
Let the little children hear it in their sleep.
Let them hold it. Hold on to it.
As tight as they can.
Before they in turn, deny it.


Damon said...

Sometimes I like to imagine if I was a lot more positive about life, I would love to write like you. I like this. - Houfu

qt said...


Faith said...


Thank you. You write wonderfully so its good to only imagine. :D


YOU are beautiful! <3

Anonymous said...

I found your poem very touching. Aftering reading this, an example of truthful, optimistic and uplifting poetry, I wish I was capable of such positive writing. Funny how cynicism can get in the way. Truely inspiring.

QT said...

QT MISSES FAITHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!