Monday, February 04, 2008

Everything always makes so much sense at this hour of the day. You are still asleep, and I have watched and tested this new day before you did. The ground is still soft, so you can fall and dream without pain. I stuck my tongue out and tasted the wet dew of the glorious morning. It doesn't snow in Singapore, but it feels like it- the crisp fresh air, the relaxing breeze, the mellow blue sky unfurling into the lightest shades of dreamy purple and creamy pink. The day is like a sleeping baby who breathes ever so slowly and gently. I don't know how long this will last, but for now, it is kind, encouraging, tender and uplifting. It is everything I've always needed. And I will keep as wide awake as I possibly can to savour this moment of bliss.

It would be nice to take a drive and put as many miles behind me as I can. As I go along, I'll throw my baggages, my luggages, my burdens, let my hair loose so it flies like crazy and sing all the songs on the radio out of tune.


siti* said...

i can't believe that you've actually RESIGNED. hahah. like finally lah. :)

Faith said...

HAHA. YEAAA >________<