Saturday, April 05, 2008

"Please don't call or sms me. I'm really very busy with the upcoming exams and deadlines and I won't be able to respond at all and I don't want to upset you."

"I understand... It's okay my dear girl. Haha so what if you're busy for now, we've still got many many years of friendship to walk together yet."


I'll take friends who love you over guys who kinda like you any day.

I did a root canal and I have taken 4 pain killers and it is not working. I am contemplating the possibility that if this pain doesn't kill me, an overdose of pills will. Either way, it is just not my day. In fact it hasn't really been my week too.

The only copy of the only book I need to borrow from the library is not available and I have to write a paper on it which is due this coming Monday.

The play I really wanted to catch was completely sold out even though for the first time ever, I actually found people who were willing to go watch it with me (sorta willing, blackmail through years of friendship aside).

The guy I put my self-esteem down for (with stupid eye-ball rolling lines like "I think you're wonderful. It's not you, it's me...") has resumed calling me every single day. This is one of the rare instances where a guy who gives you so much attention actually demoralizes you and freaks you out and you don't, you just don't, do that to someone you claim you like.

I could go on really, because the list is endless, that is, if I haven't already proven my point that I'm a selfish complaining bitch. I would like to reinforce this point. I am a cranky, selfish, screwed up and complaining bitch. If you hate me, don't worry. I feel you. I hate myself too. How can you hate someone who hates herself? That's like, totally wasting your hate energy. You should transfer it to more useful places and people who really need it. Unless you hate someone because she hates herself. That bit is tricky and we should talk about it until we forget what we are talking about.

We should all do root canals.

The dentist said, "Take these pills. It should be fun."


"No, I said, 'fine'. It should be fine."

Oh. Okay.

Henceforth, I shall go get a life out of my non-life. Henceforth, I will be known as Faith. Yes, that was my name, and yes, it's now my new name which was my old name which I just mentioned which was and is also someone else's name or rather, the name of many other people or the middle name of many other people but not the last name of many other people. I think. I also think I might be getting smarter. For one, I know that I don't know what I'm talking about. There is no two. I'm lying. Not about the two. I mean I know what I'm talking about but appear as if I don't know what I'm talking about because I am talking nonsense. If you have read all of these, I have effectively wasted your time. Which might make me very smart as well if that was my motive. It wasn't but I shall say that it is so that it makes me sound smarter.

So. Hello.

My name is Faith.

Some people think I'm deep. That is the only deep sentence I have written today.

I'm looking forward to alcohol and chocolates with you. One day. Soon enough. :) You'll get super drunk, I'll be slightly tipsy so I can look after the both of us, and we'll prop our legs up some shaky wooden chair on the sandy beach with the breeze on our faces as we watch the sun go down and the stars come up. Hehe.

Good night. Good morning.


Anonymous said...

u noe wad's on my mind now these days? it's just how much i'll miss u when u got to US.

haha. damn XD

get urself a bf with a twin brother ok?


love u always


Faith said...

haha! i am going to miss you too! arrrgghhh don't talk about it now when i'm still around! you're making me regret. haha. i love you too. :)