Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wouldn't it be interesting if life was like MSN?

All you have to do is mark off:

Remember me


(Forget me)

Clean and easy.


Misshapes said...
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Misshapes said...

If only life was like MSN. Sighs.
I havent seen you around school for a bit now! Godd luck with the mugging! =)


m@rC said...

hey hey~! didn't see you today in lesson! Hope the play's going well!
And you sound really emo man...like, almost as if a razor was grafted to your wrists or something....you sure you don't have a long lost brother somewhere? =P

양사민 estelwen said...

if life was like msn i would appear offline most of the time. MUAHAHAHA XD


Faith said...




wahh so act hip ah, put a @ in your name. find me that long lost brother and i'll find a way to stop your shame over your metrosexuality. hahaa. my play is... well, you'll know soon enough. see you on wed!


ahahah. thats a good one. <3

JY said...

If life were like MSN I could multi-task.

doug said...

you didnt go on wed either?
blah. haha.

Faith said...


babe, what are you talking about? you're so smart already, don't need to multi-task lar. haha.


uh huh. competition for absenteeism!