Saturday, August 23, 2008

I woke up this morning and thought of how blessed I am. Still remember last year how Siti met me at PS and bluffed me that no one else wanted to come out and play. And all of a sudden the whole group of you turned up to celebrate my birthday at Swensens. Haha. Didn't know if we would still be great friends this year (yaaaa emo I knoww), but yesterday was very fun. Just so you know, I am not blur okay. How am I supposed to suspect anything when my birthday was like TWO MONTHS ago... And actually I felt very left out because I couldn't understand why no one wanted to tell me where we were going. Idiots.

I know we're going to be friends for the next ten years. Maybe we'll meet back there and reminisce over the chair that kept tripping Siti (or is it the other way round?), Shu Wen's flowery skirt that made us stare at her butt as she floated around and rambled on about IMH Ward Number 2 with a paper cup over her mouth, Sylvia's abruptly philosophical words of wisdom before she burst into hysterical laughter, the teh tarik, the milo, the horlicks, the apple pie, the ugly photos the cam whore (always hated the term) took, basically the ugly photos we took because we never seem to take nice ones, and we'll talk in that crazy half-drowsy stoning state while it rains outside.

We all have problems. But when we're together, we're indestructible. Hehe. Nothing can get us down. I love you all. :)


siti* said...
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siti* said...

love confession.

eh i'm straight you know.

oh i'm NOT A CAM WHORE laa. when i'm old & feeble, i'ld need something to jog my memory..

andrea said...

sob sob...
sob sob...
sob sob...

so much sugar in this post.
why did u tripped the sugar jar over and spilled in into your blog entry.

now the ants are crawling over my eyes.

ok. tt's gross. can u imagine that? ants. my eyes. in out.


siti, not forgetting. faith loves us because we are a weird bunch too. hahahaha

b-banana, b-b-banana. !!!!

10 years down the road.... siti will be blissfully happy with her soccer team of scouts. sylvia will be with her incredibly doting fiance (can totally vision that), you will be somehow super duper famous and ur husband will have to fight off your fanatic followers (guru guru!!) and moi, i will totally still put a cup in my mouth n hold it. maybe put my fist in my mouth and play a song.

chin-chin to a great loving dearest bunch of weirdos!!!!

p.s.: faith, u r the weirdest of us all. :D *wahahaha*

i want to see the photos!!!!

andrea said...

opps. i typed too long.

Sylvia said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. SO FARNIE. I feel like calling you Weirdo Magneto. D: And Siti the Stool Tripper. And Shuwen the Patient In Ward #2 and Sylvia the Patient In Ward #1. XD

Hey I didn't know where we were going after Swensens' too! T_T I mean I knew we were going to some home-made food place but i had no idea because when Stool Tripper and Patient #2 and I were discussing it I was just going "?????". xD

OH HAY PEOPLE, come online and I sent the photossssss. <3