Monday, October 27, 2008

It was my mum's birthday on Sunday! I spent close to $150 just to bring my family to sit the stupid Singapore Flyer. My heart and my wallet is frigging empty now. That's what happens when you have sisters who are broke all the time.

But anyway, my mum is officially 51 years old! And she is still so very beautiful. Look at her try and strike a sexy pose. Hahaha. So cute right? :)

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of family.

I think... sometimes we take for granted what has been given to us so freely. Like friendship, love, loyalty and kindness. Like home. Sure, things could always be better. But things could also be worse.

Like my mum always says, "You want to complain, can. Got a thousand and one things for you to go and complain about. But then you want to be thankful, also got a thousand and one things for you to be thankful for. So how? How you want to see life?"


Anonymous said...

ur mum is so pretty! esp when she smiles! haha

agree with u lol, e older i get i more i think family shld come first. lol lalalala

ur husband/wife

Sylvia (killerface) said...


lost said...

Goodness gracious me!

your sis looks like you!
*though you are prettier*

haha, your parents are still handsome and pretty at their age. =) guess you have inherited their good genes yes?

Agreed, family is important. I realised it quite some time ago. BUT, i prefer to have my own wife and children, and take care of my parents. Sigh, when will i get a girlfriend?!!!

And yes, there are things to be thankful and complain. I choose to complain and whine, so that i can say that the world is cruel to me, and THEN tell myself but the people around me has been kind cause there are beautiful things that they do for me. Tt's how i view my life. =) and see where you stand in my life? The beautiful side. Heh.

Take care