Sunday, October 05, 2008

Saturday was spent running from one place to the next. Along Orchard road, I could hear music in the air, music that didn't care, that just wanted to have some fun. I rushed past the guitar player who was strumming hard, his brown fingers almost breaking strings, his hair flying all over the place, and a hand grabbed me by the wrist, warm and clammy.

"Why so hurry?"

I turned.

OH MY GOD. A slim, lanky Drag Queen dressed like a glittery Christmas tree stood before me. How cool is that?!

"Come on baby... We dance!" he declared with his broad red lips, shaking his hips.

"No," I hesitated, "No thanks. I'm in a hurry."

He pouted, "Oh come on baby. Come on!"

"Next time," I said.

"Next time?" he winked flirtatiously.

I walked backwards, still facing him, giggling, "Next time... Next time..."

I moved off and lost myself amidst the colourful crowd. From a distance I could still hear the music playing off-key, alongside drunk voices yelling out bits of lyrics.

And then, just as I was about to cross the road, the Diva let loose a loud wolf-like howl of joy. It was completely wild and hysterical.

"Crazy..." someone beside me muttered to her friend.

I couldn't help but smile.


xiaocangshu said...

Well, can't say you didn't have an interesting day.

Miao said...

You seem to be always bumping into interesting people.