Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In the morning, my boyfriend does a James Blunt on me and tells me, "You're beautiful."

In the afternoon, he calls me and says, "I'm sorry darling... I have something to tell you."

I prepare myself for the worse and calmly utter the word, "What?"

He hesitates, "I... I knew I loved you before I met you."

I roll my eyeballs, "Yah, and I have been waiting all my life."

A few minutes later, he sends me a message: "We have joy we have fun we have seasons in the sun."

Later on at night, I'm in my dad's car, and we're on our way to East Coast to have coffee. This really sad slow song by Zhang Hui Mei is playing on the radio, and my dad mumbles, "Dunno what she's singing..."

He turns to me, "Eyy. Can you explain to me what she's singing?"

I hear the line, "Bie rang zuo tian zai ni de shang kou kwang hen de sa yan."

I say to him, "She's singing... Er... Don't let the yesterday, on your wound, wildly like crazy put a lot of salt."

He glares at me, "HUH?! What the hell?"

I laugh, "Why you so vulgar. Yah sorry, my translation very bad I know."

He shakes his head, "Forget it! You're destroying the song... Why is my daughter's Chinese so bad..."

I pout like a spoilt little child. "I also dunno," I answer.

He breaks into an affectionate, slightly reproachful smile.

Ah la laa, what a song-full day.


Miao said...

Haha! Your boyfriend is hilarious! And you're really cute as well. :D

xiaocangshu said...

Don't let yesterday wantonly add salt to your wound?

양사민 estelwen said...