Tuesday, April 14, 2009

you have done it again. you kill yourself and heal yourself. why. kill yourself. only you know where you hurt the most. the pain feels so good and sweet. die in each moment. live in each moment. why do you always. kill yourself to heal yourself. now. will kill will fill will kneel will keel will cease to feel to sleep to breathe to be to be STOP IT STUPID RIDICULOUS BULLSHIT why do you always readily leap into such big fucking shit only to try to push to the edge of a scream to learn how to swim and sink all the way in.

i am apart.
i am a part of apart.
hearing the sounds.
becoming a mere sound
before negation and nothingness.
the here and now is all that matters
in the here and now.
we are enough, this is enough
(say it, please, i want it to be,
even if it doesn't feel like it,
say it until it feels like it).
this emptiness is also richness.
it gives you the space to create.
(you are here with me.)
it lets you delve and dis-appear
like an absolutely delicious
magic trick.

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Anonymous said...

u emo ah u? love u la, dun emo. XD