Wednesday, June 24, 2009

(The truth is that, sometimes, I have doubts. On whether I can love the same person and remain faithful to the same person for the rest of my life. I have soft spots for old lovers, I think about them from time to time. I still flirt casually with boys, and sometimes I miss certain moments, certain periods of my life which you missed, which you never had a part in.

You being so far away from me feels as if time has rewound itself, to answer that question of What If, I hadn't gotten together with you, and What If, I never knew you the way I do now.

Well, it sucks big time.

I spent the whole day trying to distract myself from the harrowing feeling that I've lost an entire limb, trying to prove to myself that I can actually have fun without you.

The truth is, my life feels so miserable and lonely without you around to hold my hand and laugh at me when I trip over my own two feet so that I have the perfect excuse to laugh even harder at you when you step on a nail and start clumsily hopping around and I ruffle your perpetually messy hair and pinch your cheek and tell you about how absolutely retarded and unglam you are but how its okay baby, because I still love you and give you the biggest tightest hug of your life.

Please come home soon. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. I miss your awesomeness horribly and our legend-wait-for-itttt-dary! times together and I promise to be a better girlfriend. :( )

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A. said...

I love you baby. I love you so much. I promise I will be back and we will hug 1 UP so tight that we will be legend-wait-for-it-ARY.