Saturday, July 25, 2009

I was really pissed off with my mum yesterday because she was acting like a spoilt child. She demanded a whole load of attention and pretty extravagant food, complained about everything at the top of her voice and then clogged up the kitchen sink with eggs and bread and fed my dog Honeystars. My pampered princess of a dog barked at the cereal for an hour and my mum promptly went to bed. I literally had to spoonfeed my dog Pedigree after that. I washed the dishes in the middle of the night while fantasizing about shouting vulgarities at my mum. And then I thought about how in the morning, I had a near fainting spell. Thou shalt not drink thick tea and then walk for hours in Chinatown under the unforgiving hot sun. Seriously dehydrating. The boy hailed a cab and I slept on his lap all the way until we reached his place. I threw myself on his bed and fell asleep immediately, but I clearly remember him strugging to get me into more comfortable clothes, wiping my face, my arms, the soles of my feet, while I frowned irritably at him.

I laughed to myself, shaking my head while putting the dishes back into place. I realized that I didn't have the right to get annoyed with my mum when I act like a spoilt child too. Today I was three hours late in meeting him because I was too lazy to get out of bed. His response? Sushi and ice cream. I want to take care of my mum the way you take care of me. Because you take care of me the way He takes care of you.

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