Friday, August 21, 2009

I wish someone could have told me much earlier on in life: Don't do anything stupid! Because when the love of your life comes along, and the love of your life will come along, you'll regret all the freaking stupid things you ever said and did, all the crazy boys you ever hooked up with (whom you knew were just so wrong for you, but the giddying feeling of banging your head against the wall and feeling the amazing blood rush as you spin in circles inside yourself was too feel-good addictive to give up and your feet tingles from standing for too long a time you can't remember when you last leaned on someone anymore, anyone will do right this very second) and all the ridiculous fucked up shit you ever threw yourself in.

More crucially, you'll regret the amount of absolutely unnecessary pain that it brings the both of you.

He won't tell you, but he'll resent all the boys you ever cried over.

And trust me, you won't tell him, but you'll cry over all the girls he ever cried over (no shit).

The past shapes and builds you into who you are now, but not before biting you in the ass first.

That being said, I'm constantly surprised by how I am still loved, despite all the stupid things I still do.

Thank You.

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