Thursday, July 30, 2009

(it's exhausting, to always be unsure, of where you're going, of who you are, of what you want. each day it's a matter of the right configuration of the right things. it's the way i think, the way i feel, the way i speak, the way i walk, the way i dress, who i'm with. sometimes there is that 'click' and then you're on top of the world and you try to recreate it. must have been that skirt, you think. must have been you.

when you're in love you say the corniest things. "i can't live without you baby" and "every moment with you feels perfect i don't need anything else at all". but that split second before i cringe self-consciously i remember how, alone and miserable, i had once said to myself, "i wish i had someone to say corny things to". and then i blush with glee, just as self-consciously.)

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