Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am trying to stop visiting websites which I know are obviously 'dead' yet can never resist checking and re-checking out of a hopeful glimmer of what-used-to-exist. Sometimes I look and read past entries because it makes me feel happy- Somehow I have trouble convincing myself that "it's no longer there anymore; no longer going on."

So hard to cut ourselves loose from things past.

Yet we're also running out of spaces to go to, to communicate with one another, to conceal and to reveal ourselves. As if places in reality are not abandoned fast enough, now even the virtual ones are forsaken quicker than ever. Old blogs, old uploaded photographs,
old news and personal messages, old identities and forged relationships.

Maybe that's okay.
Maybe all of what is left of us-
the half-comprehensible, half-missing details
that come from travelling on and on
to far too many destinations,
the aches and voids and gaps
between memories and faces
and other broken and lost objects,
will find a way to come together
and join and melt into the air,
like air-
a collective
so heavy with magnificence
that it collaspes
and falls away from the entire earth
and enters into where
the shimmering lights
of the stars
go to

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