Friday, November 20, 2009

I just took this with my phone! My dog is sleeping on a cushion on top of my lap while I type this.

I love my dog. She doesn't remind me that I have a paper due today and an exam on Saturday. She doesn't judge me for having slept the whole day away. It was raining and I love to sleep when it is raining. The air smells so fresh and the bed is so warm and every dream is sweet and light and easy on me. She doesn't judge me for giving excuses like the ones I just gave.

Anyway, I went for a haircut with my mum!
Not gonna meet you guys any time soon so I might as well post a picture up:

I'm sorry the photo is kinda act-cute-ish. I think its the hair lar. Haha. The back is way shorter. I was perversely happy watching all my severely dry and damaged dyed hair get snipped off. My mum loved the cut so much she asked for a similar one too! Can't show you her picture though, she'll kill me. Will show in private. :D My elder sister said that with this new hairstyle, I have succeeded in making my boy look like a cradle snatcher. I told this to him and he replied in jest, "What do you mean. I already am one what." My dad said I look younger and more cheerful. I retorted, "So you mean last time I looked old and depressed?!" "Yarh. Something liddat."

As you can see, I am on a gone-case premature holiday mood. Love does this to you.
Study hard and I'll see you all after the exams kay! :)


My boy comments on this entry:
What's with the primary school language??!

I talk to my friends like that?

My boy:
You're a primary school convent girl now

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