Friday, November 13, 2009

Perhaps God said to me, "Faith, I am about to put you on this earth. But before I do that, let me ask you: What would you most like me to bestow upon your life?"

And perhaps (like some free-spirited anything-goes hippie) I said, "God, I just wanna live LIFE man. Give me the whole deal. Don't mince any of it down for me. You only get to live once. I don't want a single dull moment in my life. Like everrr. I want colours. All sorts of colours man."

So you know, all that drama at home and emo episodes and all those fucked up modules at a supposedly university level in a fucked up school where the only joy is derived from seeing the familiar faces of dear friends... And all those almost farcical scenes that pepper the days of my life like: My boy accidentally punching a dog in the eye and I watch as it flies backwards and hits the grass with a shockingly human "Ahhh!" and then it gets up and starts spinning around in circles; an angry (for some unknown reason) stout old woman whacking my boy on the head with a broken umbrella which has its metal spokes dangerously sticking out while we are on a moving bus and he glares at her with his impossibly tiny eyes, "Oei Auntie!" and she jumps a little and looks at him innocently as if unaware of what she has done and ignores him completely and decides to pick on another smaller-sized boy instead and calling that boy a pervert...

I was thinking, yup, I really can't complain.

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