Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pretty hectic life these days. Have been going to school and working on my set (for play production) and attending rehearsals every single day including weekends. Thank goodness for chinese new year!

My handphone had a near-death experience. Dropped it on the road when I was coming out of the bus and the back wheel of the bus nearly rolled over it but I dragged it an inch away in the nick of time.

My slipper snapped into two just as I was about to leave school, and it was nearing midnight too! Luckily the boyfriend was with me, and we took a cab all the way to J8, where I promptly walked into shoe shops barefooted and very sheepish.

Did an interview with The Straits Times and after that had a photo-taking session with the cast and director. Most awkward experience ever, not knowing what to do with my body or how to smile or where to look, while all the actors did what they do best- act. The worst bit was when we had to pretend to laugh at some imaginary joke. Urgh. Hated it. Felt so stiff and self-conscious and shy.

Had the best 14 months anniversary ever with the tremendously romantic boyfriend today! Received super huge pink roses. (He actually put them in a plastic bag! Again! Poor roses were nearly wilting inside.) Watched Valentine's Day. Not that fantastic leh, as compared to Love Actually. Had this amazing 7-course meal at Dozo, where the waiter literally knelt down to take our orders and some of the chefs personally brought us the dishes that they cooked and everyone who served us explained to us exactly what we were eating and how to eat it. Crazy fine dining man. Very pretty food I must say. So pretty I couldn't bear to eat some of it.

Some days I want to rip my face out and crush my eyes with my fists and shred my lips into pieces. But somehow, the power of being in love, of feeling like I'm still in this honeymoon period, this bubble, keeps me going further than I should, and keeps me stronger than I should be. When I was holding two jobs, I used to collaspe in bed in tears because I was so tired, so tired and afraid of being empty. Dear god, when I prayed for a little help, you sure gave me a thousand times more than I asked for. Thank you for the amazing people you have surrounded me with. Thank you for your amazing grace, your amazing love, which sustains this amazing Faith.

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