Thursday, March 11, 2010

262/1300 words.

Faith is not a lean mean essay writing machine anymore :(

I am really sleepy and I want to give up.

Shouldn't have deleted what I wrote previously. I always do that, thinking that it isn't good enough (because it really isn't!)
and then drawing to a complete blank
and staring at a perfectly blank white microsoft word document
and then out of sheer immense exhaustion
begin to contemplate the tempting and gloriously sinful
but absolutely delicious notion
of giving up
and falling into a


Damon said...

I don't delete stuff; I just write a new document... so I've been keeping drafts since forever, and I get shocked what I write and how the ideas develop.

tl;dr: Don't delete!

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Just write, you can always edit it later. If you feel stuck at any part, leave it hanging and go on to the next one. If not,do an outline first to guide you along before you even start writing properly. If you feel like deleting, I recommend alcohol. Cheers! :)

Faith said...

So anyway I finished my essay on time and handed it in. Thanks guys :)