Saturday, May 08, 2010

These days I ask myself, "What does it matter?" and I find it easier to let go and let loose. In the larger grander scale of things, what does it matter what little people do to little people. We won't be here for long. We will vanish before we realize it. But the sky will be just as blue as it used to be, (or grey, depending on how you want to see it). Your room will be exactly how you left it, as if you just went out for a while. No point being petty, holding on to so much bitterness, anger, fear and resentment gnawing at your heart, eating you alive bit by bit. I won't live like this. It is very tiring.

I forgive you. And in forgiving you, I forgive myself.

The dog it was that died.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Su Min,

Dan Xiao Gui!