Thursday, January 24, 2013

It worries me when I see people talking openly on Facebook about how much they believe in the 'homosexual agenda', and thanking Lawrence Khong for standing up to it. I worry about Singapore and I worry for Singaporeans. Because the 'gay agenda' has been constructed out of fear, or more specifically, out of homophobia. It is no different from the fear that drove Fred Phelps, of the Westboro Baptist Church, to declare that Matthew Shepard, who was robbed, tortured and left to die, "is in hell" because "God Hates Fags". It is no different from the fear that leads many Singaporeans to believe that it is always better to remain silent even if they disagree with what's going on, because if they speak their minds, they will lose their jobs, get sued until they are bankrupt, and get thrown into prison. Fear creates paranoia and isolates us from each other. Fear dispels rationality, logic and compassion. We need to stop living in fear. If we only paused for a moment to openly and honestly speak to each other and listen to each other talk about our fears, we will see that the monsters that have been so real and terrifying to us are only shadows; magic tricks.   

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