Thursday, July 28, 2005

This is a response/continuation to my poem, Run Away, which Si Min aka Estelwen wrote. I think it's beautiful and very very cool. Someone write another continuation. Haha. This is extremely excellent creativity! :)

Title: I Run Away

Let's pretend,
that I've moved on.
And I tell myself,
That life goes on,
without you.
Open my eyes,
Look deep inside.
I run away
I run away
I run away
I run away.


mometasone said...

hm...i like ur poems/entries.....interesting...

Miao said...

I say Si Min is a great talent :)

qt said...

simin, ur poen rox!!! write more!!

Anonymous said...

it's nt poem.... it's a song by britney spears... me no talent.... gahhhxxx.... omg so embarrassed

Faith said...

haha... si min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah wells, it's still pretty cool nonetheless :D

hey will, thanks!