Thursday, August 25, 2005

I just realized that I am featured on Shu Lian's, Siti's and Vanessa's blog! Wow. And all for the same reasons as well. Hmmmm... ...

Erm. Wrote another poem. I have better things to do but I can't stop myself! Okay I'm going to take a nap and wake up and do my homework. Enjoy.

Because I am afraid
Of the shadows that lurk midway.
Because I could break,
And leaves turn into cutting blades.
Because I do not believe,
That fate quietly amorously waits.
(Because I lie to protect and fake.)
Because you offered to throw yourself away.
The map engraved with scratch marks that say,
“She is in a nameless place.”
Because even the darkest blood will fade.
The gush of gashes will whisper someday,
“It’s not too late. Too late.”
Because struggles are unbearably laid,
Even as tears heartlessly forsake.
I could put a bullet through the head,
Who would be the one who felt the pain?
“It’s me,” you say.
Would you take all the blame?
I could rip the heart with one fatal take,
Who would be the one who felt the hate?
“It’s me,” you say.
Would you take the entire claim?
Would you put up a ferocious fight?
We’ll dance a twist without the light,
As the voices expose our delicate plight,
“It’s not too late. Too late,” they say,
Over and over and over again.

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