Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I had a nightmare. It was so real I feel like crying. I woke up hating some people, being hated by some people, and getting hurt by some people, thinking it was true and now realizing it's impossible. I'm still trembling from the after effects of it. It brings shivers down my spine. I haven't had a nightmare in years. Thank god it's just a dream. Some stupid dream. It is at times like this that I truly envy people who do not dream. Do you know how much more peaceful sleeping would be? A black plunge into silence and absolute bliss. You wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and revitalised. I would like that sometimes. I dream every single night, and of the wildest, most berserk things ever! And you know what the most weird thing is? I've been dreaming in blue and grey and sometimes brown! What's wrong with me? Ha ha. I feel as though I'm living double lives. One in reality, and one in my dreams. I talk in my dreams and am always in deep contemplation, trying to explain myself with seriousness. But I do laugh in my dreams as well, though not very often recently. Should not have stayed up so late. I'm surviving on less than three hours of sleep. Stupid dream. I am so so so very traumatised. Oh my god. Later if I see those people in school, I am not going to know how to feel at all. Going back to reality.


miao said...

hmmm on the contrary i enjoy having dreams. once i dreamt of a very funny joke n i woke up laughing with my mum thinking that i was mad :x

Miao said...

actually sometimes i dream of the future. i receive signs in my dreams... im not kidding ive dreamt abt things before which came true in the end. kuakuakua shall read up freudian theory on dreams soon :)

mometasone said...

Hey dreaming's good 'kay. I very seldom get 'em now...It makes the thought of sleeping so...blah, like besides the nice feeling of actually sleeping there isn't anything else to look forward to other than "wasting" hours upon hours lying dormant.
Dreams allow you a form of release for stuff you bottle up during conscious life, gives flight to the imagination.
Of course, nightmares are quite different but even so, would you rather experience fear in the real world or just the passing sensation of it? Even though we detest pain, fear, uncertainty, we still have to experience it.
Sometimes, the lack of such emotions can even have a detrimental effect. I guess it's all about that "without good how could we know evil" thing again. Without one we wouldn't know the other, or appreciate it as much.
Oh and if you had trouble distinguishing the nightmare from reality, then that'd be more a fault of perception rather than the night mare itself wouldn't it?
Don't envy those who dream. We envy you.

SirWhale said...

Dreams = Repressed desires = Me = Good = Catharsis = Even better = Good = Even more desires = Even more dreams

Faith said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! >.<