Saturday, October 22, 2005

  • NYJC OCIP 2005 Li Jiang T-Shirt Designs:
  • What is your definition of fun? Not just any type of fun, but fun that is in every way meaningful and significantly impactful. I won't elaborate on my designs at all, except to say that I was aiming very precisely for a deliberately simple, child-like, perhaps a little bit kinky and funky, but ultimately very cheerful design. I can't believe I worked on them from 2pm to 9pm today. And guess what, I actually had fun the whole ride through. I hope Miss Darrell likes them. Haha. OCIP rawks. I love the people inside. :D They totally rock my world! Sorry, my HTML is seriously screwed. Deal with it. I tried. >.<


qt said...

i like the white shirt with the hearts aligned to the right!! nice!!!

daybreak said...

"spreading the love" series is the nicest :)

vk (: said...

havent commented in ages!

i love the design with the butterflies & hearts <3 <3

pssst// if you pick tt, can i have one of those shirts too?? xP heh

Paparazzi said...

=o the yellow star against red background looks like Vietnam's and China's flag...the red butterflies and hearts against white background design is simple and nice.