Monday, October 03, 2005

Pictures taken on Yee Cher's Birthday Celebration last Saturday, 1/10/2005:

From left: Zheng Jing & Yee Cher with suggestive lesbian couple poses and matching drinks of intoxication. Wahaha. Actually that yellow drink is mine lar. >.<

I love these pictures! They say something wordlessly about being totally at ease with the people around you and just smiling without a care in the world for just that rare and wonderful moment alone. We weren't even bothering to take nice pretty girly pictures but rather, random shots taken at different angles for the crazy fun of it. The lighting rocks don't you think? :)

You know you'll always be friends with someone when you move on in life and move away from them, and yet strangely, somehow, when you meet them again, it feels like nothing has changed at all.

Judging from the date these pictures were taken, you can roughly guess how well I did for today's History paper. Hahaha. But you know something, there's more to life than mugging like a lunatic. Would you miss an exam, or a whole day of school, or skip a day of mugging for someone? Sometimes, you just have to, when the right reasons come along.


estelwen said...

stay happy... exams ending... thanks alot for ur encouragement... it meant alot
we should catch up sometime after exams? :)
take care

qt said...

hey yox!!! mug hard for the rest of ya papers. dun so stress k?? jia you!!! :)