Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"You think too much."

"It's better to think too much than to not think at all."

"No, not really. Not thinking at all seems a better option. You don't think of
troubles, you don't think of pain, you don't think of guilt, or regret-"

"-Yes but you don't think of love. You don't think of happiness either, and you don't think of a great many other wonderful and beautiful things. So what will become of you? Some brainless doll?"

"Emotionless. And content at that."

"Well then I think you're too easily content. I would rather feel the greatest hurt to know that at that cost I can feel the greatest love as well. No pain no gain."


Anonymous said...

think think!
miss ya...
i'm just being bimbotic but i can't help falling in love with u :)

ur fiancee

qt said...

cool entry. another intense conv u had with someone? hahah!! :p