Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Cycles of Happiness & Depression

I remember Siti said something during History tutorial that truly struck a chord in me acutely, “It’s a cycle,” she was saying, raising her two hands up slightly, “Happiness and Depression are cycles.”

You see, when you are depressed, you suffocate and sink into a vicious and seemingly unstoppable cycle of Depression, which goes round and round and never ends. You start being engulfed by negative thoughts and energy, and you end up wallowing in self-pity.

Let’s go on to the cycle of Happiness. When you are happy, or when you attempt to be happy, you rise and soar into a blissful and joyful cycle of Happiness, which goes round and round and never ends. You start being embraced and surrounded by positive and supportive thoughts and energy, and you become confident and content.

Both cycles are inclusive of externalities, but I’ll only elaborate on one which she told me about- relationships with an internal and external structure of:

a) Your friends
b) Your family
c) Acquaintances
d) Strangers

These people affect you as much as you affect them.

“When you are happy,” Siti said, “the happiness spreads around to them, and they are happy. When they are happy, the happiness spreads back to you, and you are happy.” This cycle will continually harness a generous entirety of affirmative, constructive, and agreeable atmosphere and attitude, which will perpetually spring back and forth gleefully.

On the contrary, if you are depressed, the depression spreads around to them, and they begin to feel depressed as well. Consequently, they either choose to leave you, which would affix you with further depression, or they choose to stick with you, all the while strapping up all that harmful downbeat tension within. This tension will then rebound from them to you and vice versa repeatedly, doubling and tripling the continuation of your cycle of Depression. Ouch.

So, how do you deal with it?

By taking the first step to be happy, to always try to be happy. It's really that simple.

Therefore, I present to you


*Note of general idea:

There is a strong theology in the inevitability of the fusion of truths with untruths. It is with diverse perceptions that people sieve out their preferential undulation of reality.

You will always be given a choice- whether or not it is a right or wrong choice. So, take your pick.

1) Depression is an infinite cycle.
2) Happiness is an infinite cycle.
3) Pessimism is a choice.
4) Optimism is a choice.
5) Everybody is human and with that are attached asymmetrical beginnings.
6) Everybody is human, and with that are attached parallel beginnings.
7) Speaking undiplomatically is an unconscious act.
8) Speaking diplomatically is a conscious act.
9) Being vindictive hides your flaws.
10) Being vindictive shows your flaws.


Miao said...

Haha. I wish I could be as optimistic as you are.

estelwen said...

simin ciTes ideological differences for not being able to understand what u are talking... i think my brain is shrinking... or maybe i've lost my brain.

lolx... haha jkjk. nice manifesto btw.... go babe!

Sylvia said...

haha I love Siti's thoughts. (:

qt said...

u do futurist manifesto until u go crazy ah? hahaa