Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I love to wake up at 4am in the morning- right after my mother is done watching soccer, "Score! Score! Goal! Shit!", and my father is done with the internet on the latest hollywood movies and citibank and what not, telling me to sleep early when he's not sleeping early himself, and they do the frequent tribal quarrel over $6000 together and ask the same questions "Did you bet on soccer? You won right..." as if they're in the wet market yelling over the noise because they can't hear each other, and my elder sister is done watching her korean or taiwanese VCDs and she's slumped on the bed, and my twin sister is done with her occasional wicked laughter ("ah ha ha ha hahahahahahaha") which has this magnetic power to draw you to the tv and ask her what's so funny.

Those few solitary hours before the bustling burst of sharp schoolbuses' tires screeching across the granite road, and little kids chittering and chattering, clamouring for sandwiches and schoolbags and water bottles and last hugs from mummies, and the shrill screams of alarm clocks from all across the block waking the dead bodies up, and the chucking of newspapers from one door to another like faint thuds of an old man's wooden stick, and your heart beating saying "it's time it's time" and you know you don't want to go yet.


I'm talking about those quiet hours of absolute silence. The time is yours. In your own hands. Yours alone. No shadow, no sound, no slight disturbance. Switch on a song and engulf those cherished minutes with Your own 'noise'... mmmmmmmmm... Jay Chou, Coldplay, Er Zhuo Zhui Zi Wen OST, James Blunt, Bo Go Ship Da, and then Zi Wo Cui Mian by Luo Zhi Xiang over and over again, because it's only very fitting, with a hot cup of Earl Grey tea, and the fragrance seems to lace the air and entwine your thoughts and it's oh-so-bittersweet.

You're focused, you're energized, you know what you want, you're calm and cool and collected, and what seemed to bother you a few hours ago seems so trivial and nothing after all. And everything seems to be so full so brimming over the top with possibilities. Maybe I'll do a bit of work. Maybe I'll make myself a sumptious breakfast. I never eat breakfast. Maybe I'll finish up A Farewell To Arms. Maybe I'll just listen to music, close my eyes, and waste away.


Darn, I'll make a really good old lady. Just missing a cat. :/


Miao said...

I love Coldplay. And I love the Japanese version of E Zuo Ju Zhi Wen, Takashi Kashiwabara is incredibly handsome :D

vk (: said...

yes yes yes takashi kashiwabara is HOT <3 lol

your family is damn happening! at 4am my hse is super quiet.. with random snoring here & there haha.

rofl yes you just lack a cat. & granny glasses. & Tweety Bird ^_^

Anonymous said...

hey dear, i'll be ur cat *grins*

ur lover always

CatChopper said...

What? You don't eat breakfast? Eat.