Monday, March 20, 2006

Here's one reason why I know I'm not normal. I conjure up imaginary characters in my mind and then create dialogues between them. Anything can happen in the world of my imaginations, and sometimes you can catch me laughing to myself. Haha, I hope I'm not scaring you. :P Here's one I made up while on the bus home. It's very lame, but I never said it was any good anyway. Anything can happen when you've nothing better to do and you left your brain somewhere else:

Lucy: What did you just say?

Paul: I said what I said. You’re full of bullshit you.

Lucy: I’m not full of bullshit! Hell… I got my own shit Mr.!

Paul: Yea, that’s what I said. You’re full of shit.

Lucy: Oh but then I already knew that! I knew that since this morning!

Paul: Oh yea?

Lucy: Yea! And you wait here, I’ll be away for a minute while I shit everything out. You want my shit don’t you?

Paul: Oh fuck you Lucky.

Lucy: Wait a minute. Wait a minute Paul. First you want my shit and now you want to fuck me? (Grins goofily) Now now, I knew we were getting somewhere.

Paul: No no, hell no! I said… Oh heck what I said.

Lucy: Yea I know, heck what you said. I’ve been doing that since you started speaking!

Paul: You want a piece of me huh? You want a piece of me?

Lucy: (Eyes him suggestively in a sensual way) Oh ya baby. Every part of you.

Paul: Good. You can start from my asshole then.

Lucy: Come on, come on… Why? So I can stuff my shit up there?

Paul: (Laughs) To hell with you.

Lucy: Yea… (Loses her sense of teasing and mutters) We could do it down there if you like.

Paul: But seriously? You want a piece of me? You know, I’ve been thinking about that.

Lucy: About what?

Paul: Oh you know, eating.

Lucy: You mean cannibalism?

Paul: (Looks at her excitedly) Yea, like the Hannibal. He’s one hell of a man.

Lucy: Why not? With strawberries and blood.

Yes you better believe it. Faith, is really that sick in the head. Now now, don't act all innocent on me. Haha. Actually I want to write a book after my A Levels are over and done with. I haven't thought of the title yet. But the plot is coming out pretty good. It'll feature a cult, sex, cannabalism and love. And I really like Lucy, don't you?


siti* said...

ahahahahhhhahahhh. GOD. faith being mentally unstable is like SO the understatement of the year.. hahahhahh

estelazure said...

Suggestively gross lol.

estelwen said...

JIASHENG hAS A GAY blOG! hahaha... gawd faith i wanna faint *faints* lolx.... but it's nice anyway... haha

Miao said...


agree with alex :P