Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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Well, read only if you are really that interested in me and the nonsense I am capable of sprouting, or if you really have nothing better to do.

Your 10 Favourites:

1. Favourite Colour-

Quinacridone Violet
(The name of an Acrylic paint I use in practically all my paintings.)

2. Favourite Food-

Anything tomato-based! :D Lagsana, pasta, pizza... Nice. :D

3. Favourite Song-

Never really had one... Cannon in D by the Vienna Choir Boys?

This song is really really absolutely heavenly. Introduced to me by a very special person as well, who brought her clunky outdated CD player to school and threw the huge headphones at me with a bored expression on her face. I don't even know what language they're speaking or what exactly they're singing, but their rapturously sweet and angelic voices can let your soul take wings and rest in a moment of very deep and soothing peace.

4. Favourite Movie-

Again, never really had one. Mmmm...

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

What Dreams May Come.

As Good As It Gets.

5. Favourite Sport-

Urgh. Spare me. Cycling. Badminton. Wahaha.

6. Favourite Season-

Used to be Autumn but now I think Spring is more lovely- growth, regeneration, transition between the two extremes of Winter and Summer.

7. Favourite Day of the week-

Definitely Friday.

8. Favourite Ice-cream Flavour-

Rum Raisin. Tehehe.

9. Favourite Book-

The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje.

The movie does it sufficient justice I suppose, but the book is a completely wonderful indulgement in itself. Have not read anything else that can surpass it's combination of lyrical quality, the sincerity of it's characters as their heart-wrenching stories weave in and out of each other so effortlessly, in the midst of the isolation and desolation of the panoramic landscape. What is most impressive for me is the way Ondaatje treats them with such masterful tenderness, every word breathing into them the life of personalities, hopes, dreams and fears.

10. Favourite anime/cartoon -

The Simpsons. Corrupted and dsyfunctional family. Just perfectly funny.

9 Currents

1. Current Mood-

Pleasant enough to be around.

2. Current Clothes-

Brown t-shirt and my blue sec school shorts that screams in bright yellow words, "PLMGSS".

3. Current desktop-

Okay why do I even bother answering all these questions. Siti, I really don't like you anymore. Haha. Desktop... Erm Debbie's wallpaper which proclaims, "By His Light I walked through darkness, Job 29:3".

4. Current Toenail-


5. Current Time-

4.44 pm. Kidding I am not.

6. Current Annoyance(s)-

Siti making me do this stupid thing.

Me being stupid enough to do this stupid thing.

7. Current Thought-

How to get back at Siti.

How about tagging her to do 100 likes and dislikes (which nobody gives a damn about but which I might make her do to display her overwhelming narcissism and evident abundance of time to waste :P).

8. Current boyfriend/girlfriend-

None. Don't even get me started on how ridiculous this question is. Who cares? And to have to write it down would show such lack of security and how much of a trophy rather than a lover that person is. No it isn't Miss Sour Grapes speaking. Right. Anyway, as I was saying, don't get me started...

9. Current Book you are reading-

Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho.

The Knight's Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer.

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

8 Firsts

1. First Best Friend-

Never had one.

2. First Crush-

Ahah... Secret. >_<

3. First Movie-

All Dogs Go To Heaven. Yes, they really do. :D

4. First Piercing-

When I was 11?

5. First Lie-

It would be a lie to say I actually remember.

6. First Music-

No idea. Either some Christian music or my primary school's theme song, "Welcome to the family. We're glad that you have come to share your life with us, as we grow in love..." Eeeeeeekkkks. Some things will just never be forgotten, try as you may. :/

7. First Car-


8. First Handphone-

Panasonic x500.

Which, despite it being as cranky and battered as it is, I am surprisingly still using it!

7 Lasts

1. Last Cigarette-

Does the last time you smoked your way through an exam paper count? LOL.

2. Last Drink-

Earl Grey tea, as always.

3. Last Car Ride-

Erm... Can't remember. Should be with my dad, on my way to school I think.

4. Last Crush-

Again, secret. No one you know, that's for sure. ;P

5. Last Movie Seen-

Bridget Jones 2 - The Edge Of Reason.

Silly, outrageous, adorable, and full of wicked British humour.

6. Last Phone Call-

At least a week ago. I can't remember.

7. Last CD played-

The Everglow by Mae.

(Thanks to Feng Ji who has gotten me hooked, addicted, drugged and stuck to it.)

6 Have U ever

1. Have you ever dated one of your best friends -

Haha. Will never.

2. Have you ever broken the law-


3. Have you ever been arrested-


4. Have you ever skinny-dipped-

Sort of. Haha. Somewhere in Punggol Beach on a very crazy day with a very crazy girl.

5. Have you ever been on TV-


6. Have you ever kissed someone you didn't know-

Will never. Although I was kissed by someone I didn't know. Haha.

5 things you are wearing

1. Like

2. You

3. Really

4. Wanna

5. Know.

4 things you have done today

1. Ate finger biscuits with tea.

2. Read the newspapers.

Cruel, cruel, cruel person who abused kittens. Looking at that grotesque photo of the tiny and frail kitten filled me with a sudden urge to grab my dog and hug her. What's even worse is knowing that the kitten had to be put down due to the severity of it's injuries. It is extremely cruel. It is really cruel, beastly, and inhumane of him. If he can do that to an animal, what more could he have done to a fellow human being? I don't even want to think about it. Oh, and another monster who raped and murdered an 8 year old girl who was on her way to the toilet. Goodness. Her only fault: Being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. What is the world coming to if we can't even go to the toilet without getting raped and murdered?

3. Watched Oprah.

Professor: "There is a legend, a very beautiful legend, that God sheds two drops of tears for a just person who dies. When his or her body is thrown into the sea, all the oceans will reverberate in pain." If God does this for one just person alone, what more will he do for all the millions of men and women who suffer or suffered?

4. Did this thing for Siti.

3 things you can hear right now

1. The sound of the washing machine in the kitchen.

2. The fan whirring.

3. My dog panting.

2 Things you can't live without

1. Music.

2. Dreams.

(I was going to put God, family, friends, and all those other really typical answers, but I wouldn't like to call them "things".)

1 thing you do when you are bored

1. THIS.


siti* said...


see. Oprah rocks. i caught that show too. really memorable.

oh. and yes, u've sufficiently answered all the questions. won't wage war on u like what Austria Hungary did to Serbia that unexpectedly lauched WW1. [sorry. need to dispose my euro hist info to make way for other nonsense stuff in my head. (notice how small my head is?)]

wasn't the quiz fun?



Anonymous said...

clunky outdated CD player??

u suan me arh?

hahaha XD

Faith said...

Mmmmmm... yea it was fun. I was suppose it's fun knowing these are questions you can actually answer. HAHA. Plus, it also verifies and reaffirms who you are and what essentially makes you. I guess its a nice corny exercise. :D

Miao said...

You like Vienna Boys' Choir? Once I sent you one of their songs and you said it sucks and that you hate that kind of music! :(