Wednesday, July 12, 2006

An extract from the movie, Troy:

Paris: Wait, wait.

Hector: You fool!

Paris: Listen to me.

Hector: Do you know what you've done? Do you know how many years our father worked for peace?

Paris: I love her.

Hector: It's all a game to you, isn't it? You roam from town to town, bedding merchants' wives and temple maids. You think you know something about love. What about your father's love? You spat on him when you brought her on this ship! What about the love for your country? You'd let Troy burn for this woman? I won't let you start a war for her.

Paris: May I speak? What you're saying is true. I've wronged you. I've wronged our father. If you want to take Helen back to Sparta, so be it. But I go with her.

Hector: To Sparta? They'll kill you.

Paris: Then I'll die fighting.

Hector: Oh, and that sounds heroic to you,doesn't it? To die fighting. Little brother, have you ever killed a man?

Paris: No.

Hector: Ever seen a man die in combat?

Paris: No.

Hector: I've killed men, and I've heard them dying. And I've watched them dying. And there's nothing glorious about it.Nothing poetic. You say you want to die for love. You know nothing about dying. And you know nothing about love!

Paris: All the same, I go with her. I won't ask you to fight my war.

Hector: You already have.

The people around me spend way too much time thinking about wanting to get into a relationship or being in a relationship. You should allow yourself to fall in love only if you're mentally prepared for it (even if it does take you by surprise). It's a natural and common phenomenon among people like myself, I get it, I get it, but I think there are so many more important and urgent things to pursue in life, and love, comes very far behind the list. The major 'A' Levels for instance. Haha. They say it won't affect them but it already has. I know it affected me for quite some time. Love tears people apart and renders them unable to function. Love is blind. Love brings pain. Love distracts. And let's face it, love wastes time when you don't have the time to fully enjoy it.

Love for a single person is powerful, no doubt, but there are other forms of love greater than that. The love for god, the love for a country, the love for a noble cause. They can alter the way the world has ever worked and anything the world has ever known. Newsflash: Mother Theresa was single. If one cannot survive without love, tell me, how did she survive? Because her love for humanity was far more overwhelming than her need for a single lover. She once said, "I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love." I think that is a truly beautiful way of living selflessly.

And if one can indeed survive without love, tell me, why does everybody want it? To have a sense of ownership? To try it out? To feel complete? I think it's because it brings you happiness beyond expression. But such joy is rare and precious. I wouldn't want to rush for it too hastily and lose everything else in the process, destroying my life and in doing so, eventually destroying the love I have found as well.

Love is a privilege. Love is dessert to be served only after a heavy meal. Love is a plaster you put on only after the biggest battle you have ever fought. Haha. Although, on hindsight, any type of love at all can give you the strength you need to overcome all adversities and lead you to triumph.

"Floating and fighting,
like a kite on a string,
Till you cut through my tether and changed everything.
From the sky you looked small, but I loved you the same,
So I darted back quickly to spell out your name.
And when they say that I'm just a terrible kite,
You'll tell them you're proud of my marvellous flight..."

-Kite by Copeland.

I have spent too much time this year on inconsequential matters. But whatever it is, let's not look back on this year with any regrets whatsoever. Shit happens. Move on, march on, pick up the pace, with pride and perseverance in every stride, for the end is nearly in sight. Let's break down all these four walls surrounding us, break out of our own desires and troubles, to focus on what is at hand. Don't give up now, not now, when there's only a few more months left. We can do this, together. I'll look out for you and hold you together. We'll be champions in our own right.


Phoenix said...

you really dp have a love-hate, or should i say, hate-love, relationship!:P

siti* said...

you were so right when you said that Paris and Helen's roles in Troy was simply to irritate the rest of us. gosh. my poor Hector.

and if only love would just come when we most need it, when we most require it, when we most want it.. the world would be a much happier place.

ok. fine. (i'm selfish.)

at least for me anyway.

moo said...

love digs a portion out of you and you're never the changes makes you vulnerable,but love too teaches you to be stronger. :)

Miao said...

Love is not necessarily blind... Sometimes, love sees, but it does not mind. It forgives and it accepts. Haha. I sound so idealistic. Somebody shoot me please.

Miao said...

Well on second thoughts perhaps it hurts precisely because sometimes it forgives too willingly and ignores faults too blindly... OK rambling gibberish here.

Faith said...

ok ok.... gosh i'm surrounded by romantic idealistic people! all i'm saying is, it's not the right time now. haha. but of course, no offense to those in perfectly sweet relationships. :P

estelazure said...

Because life only has a meaning when you are loved and love. To love yourself is the most necessary form of love.