Thursday, September 28, 2006


First thing in the morning, an sms from my friend:

"I almost failed gp."

30 minutes later,

"I flunk my econs."

Me: "Does it even matter?"

As much as I care about my friends, I really don't give a shit about people who message me nonsensical stuff like these. Because their motives are so superficially constructed and self-centered to the extent that it irks me and pisses me off. What they want are soft soothing words of sympathy, and that's exactly what I will not give. Do not expect me to entertain you because I have better things to do. It's not that I am cruel, but I think that milking pity from other people or wallowing in it is such an excessive waste of time. Yes, it is perfectly alright for you to feel sad that you haven't done well. In fact, it is perfectly alright for you to regret and mourn about how horribly things have now boiled down to. But how long are you going to do that? What you should do is to keep trying and keep trying and keep trying, harder and harder, and not give up, which is, simply put, common sense. It's something you should already know by now, so why bother reiterating something so obvious? And if it isn't obvious to you at this point in time when the 'A' Levels are so so near, then god bless you.

That aside, you reap what you sow. If you did badly, it's either because you screwed up or you didn't study hard enough. So what? It's over. What's done is done. Don't live in the past because the present and the future are not going to wait for you. You cannot do anything to change it, but you can learn from it. So stop crying over spilled milk, get your ass up, take that thumb out of your mouth, and move the hell on.

Plus, you think you're the only one who did badly? Please do the world a favour: Open up your eyes, get out of that tiny litttle world you live in and look around you. As much as there are people who are doing well, there are also people who are doing badly. There are people who have done worse than you. There are people with circumstances and troubles far greater and darker than your small shallow concerns about liking girls and what not. If they can be brave and strong enough to move on and lead honourable lives, it really really puts us to shame if we don't buck up.

The bottomline is this: Why should I comfort you? Why should I comfort you when I can do better comforting myself (since I didn't do too well too)? Why should I comfort you if you're not going comfort me? Or maybe we should just hug each other, cry about our terrible results and jump? What an effective way to solve the problem huh.

The days of being a kid are over. It's time to GROW UP and be serious about what you want and where you are headed for in life. If you're not going to help yourself, you can jolly well be sure that no one is going to help you. And trust me, it's really that simple.

Results tell you nothing. They don't tell you how kind a person is, how beautiful a person is inside. Results are nothing more than results- black and white numbers; a cold and lifeless academic record of exactly how much effort you have put into a particular subject. I won't waste my tears on something so insignificant like this which can be altered by my own reflections and subsequent actions. I won't waste my time comparing my results with other people or competing with other people on who has The Bigger Number as if its such a big deal when its not. Neither should you.

Because YOU are your greatest enemy to overcome. If you aim to 'beat' somebody else just to triumph over his misfortune and feel a smug sense of self-satisfaction, let me tell you this: You don't know how pathetic you are. Truly. The world is so much bigger and brighter, and life holds so many endless hopes and dreams for you to chase, than to weep and aim to be The Best Mugging Machine In Singapore, JB, and some say Batam.

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