Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Diary Of Luckie Ng Chin Chin- Faith's Beloved Dog (Who Thinks She's A Cat).

"Meow... Yawn... Faith. Faith is so boring. Why does anybody read her blog at all? She's not even pretty or intelligent! All she does is write stupid poetry. What are all of you thinking? Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, should just fall in love with me. Why? Because I am better than Faith. Hell Yea! Even Faith, boring and pathetic Faith, agrees."

"See sometimes she bullies me. But that's only because I let her."

"She thinks she's so great. What a huge turn off. Please. This is the reason why Faith doesn't have a boyfriend. She is too in love with herself. And when she isn't in love with herself, she is in love with me. She is so predictable."

"Evidence of Faith's submission to yours truly. Look at that look on her face. She clearly adores me. And if Faith adores me, why should any of you adore her? Join the fan club, honey. There's plenty of me to spread da lurve around. Meow meow. "

"See. Even babies HATE Faith. Look at that look on his face. He's saying 'Faith sucks! Faith is evil! Why is Faith looking at me? Arrrhhhhh MUMMYYYYYYYYYY!! I'm going to grow even more ugly!!' I have to say, I really really, agree, totally."

"As usual, Faith, the arrogant and think-she's-so-talented owner, feels proud that she can paint this beautiful baby for her AEP painting paper mock test. Whaaateevver... Doesn't she know that no beauty, real or imitated, can match the beauty of my softly pursed and black puppy lips? She should have just painted me. And who says dogs can't meow??"

"Faith took this at the Chinese Gardens. I wasn't there... ... :( And if I'm not there, you can just imagine how unbearably BORING and UNEXCITING the place was."

"Another picture taken at the Chinese Gardens. Hmmmpppfffff. I. HATE. FAITH. From now on, this blog, belongs to ME!"


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